Original acrylic on canvas

Artist: Gem Vero

About this piece:

This version of Sunny is the calm in the storm, the flow of energy through all living things. Working with the universe as one being rather than against it as a separate entity. She allows all and accepts, loves and forgives. I’ve been drawing Sunny for years in different forms. She’s a nod to the sacred goddesses of all cultures and I use her to journey through the phases and life cycles of the female form and psyche. A celebration of all our forms and ever shifting dimensions, good and bad, difficult and flowing, new and old, wise and foolish.

She is every woman I’ve ever known and loved .


Painting her was a sacred practice in itself. During the lockdown of 2020 I found myself at a point, ready to explore, grow and bloom. To create a new version of myself that felt more authentic. The process of bringing Sunny into this form helped me venture to and embrace the unknown.

SIZE: 40cm x 100cm



SIZE: 40cm x 100cm