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Gem Vero

Gem is a multi media artist with extensive colour and composition knowledge. She is incredibly versatile in her approach and skill set. Although she enjoys all styles, her colour work and dot work/sketch style are a specialty. Her sketch style is often largely freehand so communication and trust are key. The love is equal between bright and bold and delicate detail. Anything representing nature, symbolism, pattern work, cartoon/comic book imagery and off the cuff creative doodles are close to her heart however she relishes any opportunity to research new subject matter.

“Extensive colour and composition knowledge.”

She is happiest discussing and working on new design concepts and prides herself on connecting with clients to provide a professional and welcoming environment. The best way to contact Gem is in person at the studio. You can also use our enquiry form or reach out on both hers and the shops social media accounts.
Gem Vero
Gem Vero | Trinity Collective (Swindon)

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