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Hey, I’m Hannah! An experienced Loctician, working on dreadlocks for 10 years, with speed and skill on my side I am able to create, maintain and extend your locs. Many of my clients have come to me dreaming of taking the plunge for a long time, apprehensive of the care required or others judgments, I am honoured to provide a comfortable setting and vast knowledge to help you embark on this journey of patience and self discovery.
My technique includes back brushing and crochet to give a solid base in which your dreads can mature, maintainance is achieved in a similar way, with root rubbing and crochet to matte the roots and pull in any loose hair and new growth. I never use products like wax or gel, these cause build up and can lead to rot which is detrimental to the health of your locs.
Located within the Trinity Collective, merging community and lifestyle with alternative image. You’ll feel at home with a cuppa in hand in our cosy and lively atmosphere, where strangers become friends.
  • Services available
  • Dreadlock creation
  • Dreadlock maintainance
  • Dreadlock extensions
  • Decoration with wraps, beads, cuffs
  • Synthetic dreadlock creation
  • Synthetic dreadlock install
  • Build up removal using noggin oil wash
cantcutz display picture
cantcutz | Trinity Collective (Swindon)

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